I wanted to develop a fencing character but one who took her craft to the next level by incorporating her many years of dance. Resulting in an incredibly talented and renowned competitive fencer, praised for her precise and fluid motion.

Old Man Sam

I can’t tell you all about Old Man Sam, he is quite transformative. He started as a classic fisherman, then somehow managed to transform to into a homeless man, However my favorite feature on him are these rose colored googles he treasures.

Archibald and Charlie

Let’s be real, drawing this Peruvian grandma was what started this whole idea and yet she still doesn’t have a name. I just can’t think of anything so perfect to tie in with her mischievous face and mouse ears, maybe Grandma Ann?? And then oh gosh here comes Boris, I’ve always wanted to draw a Boris and he finally came to the page! I do love my little llama farming Peruvian family idea and one day hope to flesh them out even more.


Traci was the first ever! She is an effervescent personality that makes even the gloomiest person smile on their worst day. She wants to be a high class portrait photographer one day, but like everything else you gotta start at the beginning. And where’s the best place for a portrait artist to begin honing her craft? MUG SHOTS! So met your local police departments newest mug shot intern, Traci!